Home and Auto Insurance

Personal auto insurance is probably the first coverage you purchased as an individual. It remains one of the most important coverages for you to keep updated as your life and financial position changes. If you are carrying minimum limits as many of the dominant TV ads espouse you are placing yourself at a serious financial risk. An auto accident can easily entail multiple vehicles and individuals with property damage and bodily injuries totaling several hundred thousand dollars. Is it really worth a couple dollars a year to put your family finances at risk and garnished wages for the rest of your life?
Let one of our experienced agents guide you through the options available and provide adequate limits for both liability and uninsured / underinsured motorists coverage.
We can also show you a very affordable excess liability policy to cover both your personal auto and homeowners liability.
Speaking of homeowners coverage, we can show you several policy options that can provide full replacement cost coverage for both your home structure and it’s contents. It’s impossible to remove the pain that comes from a homeowner loss through fire, water or storm damage but with full replacement coverage you will not need to face a huge financial loss also.