Personal Auto Insurance

Your personal auto policy is probably the first insurance you ever purchased. You probably just went with the agent or insurance company that your parents were with and if you kept your driving record fairly clean were able to stay insured there for years.
We’re committed to keeping auto insurance rates as low as possible by educating our customers on safe driving habits and accident prevention. Starr Insurance further reduces your auto insurance premium by offering various company discounts:
  • Safe Car Driver
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Age 55 or Over
  • Passive Restraints
  • Anti-Theft Car Devices Discount
  • Auto Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Auto Insurance Payment Plan Discount
  • Life Multi-Policy Discount
  • Youthful Driver
  • Auto Accident Prevention Course
  • College Student Car Discount
  • Driver Training
  • Reduced Car Usage Discount
Contact a professional Starr Agent today to analyze your current policy and recommend solutions to your personal auto coverage needs.
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