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This recent news flash drives home the need for proper cyber liability coverage for your business…
“Netflix Fires Call Center Worker for Stealing Customer Information”
A common misconception about Privacy violations or Data Breaches is that the only risk is some anonymous hacker in a far away country. The reality is that most breaches happen from careless or dishonest employees, business associates or someone close to the company.
It’s easy to bury your head in the sand and pretend you’re not at risk but if your business keeps personal, financial or medical information about your clients you are at risk and could face serious penalties if you haven’t put proper measures in place to protect yourself.
The following was reprinted from the IDG News Service:
“Netflix fired a call center worker for stealing credit card numbers from customers of the online movie service.
The unnamed employee was fired after Netflix learned about the data theft on May 4, the company said in a letter to the office of the New Hampshire Attorney General that was published online today.
The worker “accessed over approximately the past two months, without authorization, the credit card information of some Netflix customers who spoke with the individual over the telephone,” Netflix Senior Counsel Sharon Williamson wrote.
The employee obtained customer names and credit card numbers, she wrote. Netflix is investigating the incident and has notified police.
On Wednesday, Netflix declined to say how many customers were affected or whether any incidents of fraud had resulted from the theft.
“We do everything we can to safeguard our members’ personal data and privacy, and when there’s an issue like this we deal with it swiftly and decisively,” said Steve Swasey, a Netflix spokesman.
Netflix planned to notify theNew Hampshire residents that their data had been stolen, Williamson wrote.”


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