Project Description

As I met with a new client this morning I realized that although he had been purchasing insurance for a number of years, he had very little understanding of his policies and coverage. It’s not that his previous agent was inferior; it’s just that the choices available are so diverse, and regulations are so rapidly changing that it is sometimes difficult to keep abreast of them. This makes your choice of an insurance agent extremely important, as you are trusting them to help you select the most appropriate options for your individual needs. Even our agents, with their long term experience, find it beneficial to focus their continuing education in more specialized areas, allowing our shared knowledge to be greater than any single agent. If you as an insurance customer are trusting your agent with something as important as your financial security, you may want to know a bit more about what to look for in an agent.
Available – When you have a claim, coverage change or just a question about your policies you want an agency you can trust to be available when you call. Also helpful is an 800 number for claims in case you are out of town and have an emergency.
Knowledgeable – Is your agent keeping up to date on current regulations and changes in the industry? Continuing education through various industry seminars is imperative. All of our commercial agents are CIC graduates and required to attend annual continued education classes where new regulations and the resulting coverage gaps are discussed.
Stability – Will the company be there for you? Unfortunately, not all agencies / insurance companies succeed. Does your agency have a stable history? Insurance companies are rated by independent companies such as A. M. Best which is public information available to you as a customer.
Customer Focused – We talk to customers every week who haven’t had a policy review with their current agent for years. This causes serious gaps in coverage as buildings are remodeled and new equipment purchased. Are you comfortable with your agent and their ability to communicate and review your policies and coverage’s with you? Do they have the resources available to provide all areas of coverage both now and as your needs grow?
These are just a few of the important things to look for when choosing an agent. We are able to help several folks every day find the answers to their financial security needs and would be glad to discuss any of these areas with you.
Thank You,
Michael A. Starr